B-tech 3-1


Points to be noted before u download the books
1) Unzip the rar files after u download by using any rar/zip software.
2) Password to open rar files is jntuworld.com
3) Subjects having * Symbol Requires Djvu Software to open the files

Analog CommunicationsBook 1Book 2
Antennas and Wave PropagationBook-1Book-2
Automata & Complier DesignBook-1Book-2
Computer ForensicsBook 1
Computer NetworksBook-1Book-2
Computer OrganizationBook-1Book-2
Control Systems*Book 1Book 2
Data Communications & Computer NetworksBook 1Book 2
Design of Machine Members - IBook 1
Dynamics of MachineryBook 1
Electrical Machines-IIIBook 1
Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation *Book-1Book-2
Intellectual Property Rights & Cyber LawsBook 1Book 2
IC ApplicationsBook 1Book 2
Linux Programming *Book 1Book 2
Machine ToolsBook 1
Managerial Economics & Financial AnalysisBook 1
Management ScienceBook 1
Metrology & Surface EngineeringBook 1
Micro Processors & InterfacingBook 1Book 2
Operating SystemsBook-1Book-2Book-3
Operations ResearchBook 1
Power ElectronicsBook 1Book 2
Power Systems-IIBook 1Book 2Book 3
Principles of programming LanguagesBook 1Book 2
Software EngineeringBook-1Book-2Book-3

Remaining Books will be updated soon.....

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